Top 10 List on Ten Things to Know About iPods

10. Once you start using one, you’re stuck for life.

9. Apple charges extra fees for items that once used to come along with products (chargers, cords that hook up the iPod to the TV, etc.)

8. Theft of the iPod is becoming common crime.

7. It’s possible that as soon as an iPod is purchased, a new model is set for release the next day.

6. A person’s hearing may be damaged by constant/excessive use of the insert earphones that comes along with the iPod.

5. The battery’s capacity decreases by approximately 20% after charging it about 400 times.

4. Once 15,000 songs are on an individual’s iPod, Apple will not permit the user to transfer them to another computer or any other device, otherwise it will be considered copyright infringement.

3. It is very fragile - dropping it just once can cause damage to the product and it cracks easily.

2. Apple charges users for technical support.

1. This format is completely incompatible with any other digital music technology.

source: worldstart.com

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