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Funniest videos from YouTube

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Amazing Composite Image Illusion

That`s Really Funny: FBI Phone Taps Cut Off Over Unpaid Bills

The FBI has failed to pay phone bills on time, causing telecommunication firms to temporarily cut off wiretaps used for terrorism investigations, an audit found.

In a review of the FBI's handling of special funds used for secret operations, the Justice Department's inspector general found an archaic payment system that goes through disorganized third-party offices.

A summary of the audit released Thursday noted that a telecommunication specialist pled guilty in June 2006 to stealing more than 25,000 dollars in confidential funds.

The audit found that the employee had taken advantage of the FBI's mismanagement of bills to steal money from refund checks, as the agency even has trouble cashing refunds from overpaid bills.

The audit concluded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was particularly bad about paying phone bills by their due date.

"As part of our audit, we analyzed 990 telecommunication surveillance payments made by 5 field divisions and found that over half of these payments were not made on time," the report said.

"We also found that late payments have resulted in telecommunications carriers actually disconnecting phone lines established to deliver surveillance results to the FBI, resulting in lost evidence including an instance where delivery of intercept information required by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) order was halted due to untimely payment."

FBI Assistant Director John Miller played down the impact of the phone interruptions and insisted that the agency would modernize its payment system.

"While in a few instances, late payment of telephone bills resulted in interruptions of monitoring, these interruptions were temporary, and in our assessment, none of those cases were significantly affected," Miller said.

source: AFP

Top Ten Commercials Made by Celebrities Before They Attained Fame

This is a list of ten commercials made by celebrities before they attained fame. Some are bad, some are mediocre, but none are good! Here is the list of top 10 celebrity commercials.

10. Elijah Wood Pizza Hut

I don’t think Elijah has grown much since making this commercial. The best part is when he throws a pile of what appears to be mashed potatoes in his sister’s face!

9. Jodie Foster McDonald’s Commercial

Jodie doesn’t do much in this clip - but she is definitely there. I must say - the guy playing Ronald is a bit scary - how the hell did McDonald’s succeed as a company with a mascot like that?

8. Meg Ryan Aim Toothpaste

Here is a very preppy Meg Ryan lending her Aim mint to two friends. Ra ra ra!

7. Matt Leblanc Heinz Ketchup

Here we have a younger, but still cheesy, Matt Leblanc. Love the wink!

6. Keanu Reeves Corn Flakes

Can’t act now, couldn’t act then - it’s Keanu Reeves setting up a table for breakfast and having a sneaky nibble himself.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio Bubble Yum

Even as a kid Leonardo DiCaprio had a very serious face. Here we see him comparing the bang from Bubble Yum with the beats from a boombox. Ah, the eighties.

4. Brad Pitt Pringles

My guess is that Brad was not chosen for this part for his acting skills.

3. Demi Moore Diet Coke

When Demi made this commercial, she had already starred in a few films, though the only truly notable one was St. Elmo’s Fire. Despite what I said in the first paragraph, this actually is quite a funny commercial.

2. Morgan Freeman Listerine

Despite the ad being very corny, Morgan Freeman is not all that bad here! Who would have known he would go on to such great things?

1. Bruce Willis Seagrams

Not only does Bruce Willis sing in this advert, he dances! Watch out for the ballet move at about -00:12.

Test Eyesight Online

If you can’t see the boobs on the last row you should see a doctor.

Crazy Hole Digging Dude

Warren John Wilson, 52, was arrested in Fullerton, California for digging holes. Police arrested him after he acknowledged digging holes on a park bike trail as a payback for nearly being run down by a cyclist.

He faces a single felony count of vandalism, police Sgt. Linda King said Friday.

She also said that they’ve found around 50 holes measuring about 1 foot by 2 feet along the trail at Laguna Lake Park, and in some cases he tried to hide them from cyclists. She said some riders went over their handlebars after hitting the holes, but none reported major injuries.

Detectives watching the trails questioned Wilson, who said he had nearly been run over by a mountain bike rider and began digging the holes in retaliation, King said.

According to Police sources Wilson is released from custody. A phone listing for him could not be found.