Hiddink linked with World Cup coaching role

Guus Hiddink is considering an offer from Ivory Coast to be their manager for the World Cup this summer.

The experienced manager is currently employed the Russian Football Federation but recently agreed a deal to take over as boss of Turkey when his contract expires in the summer.

Ivory Coast face a tough task in South Africa as they have been drawn in Group G with favourites Brazil as well as Portugal and North Korea, so they are looking for a top manager to lead a side which will feature some quality players including Didier Drogba and Kolo Toure.

Despite the tough group Ivory Coast the World Cup odds make them 10/11 to qualify for the knockout stages and the right manager could make all the difference.

Current manager Vahid Halilhodzic is under pressure after Ivory Coast disappointed in the recent African Nations Cup and he could be sacked despite the fact he is under contract until after the World Cup.

Drogba was managed by Hiddink during the Dutchman’s time at Stamford Bridge and it is reported the striker made a personal phone call to persuade his former boss to take the reins.

According to the Daily Mirror Hiddink said: “It’s true. I have the chance to take charge of Ivory Coast. Didier Drogba has asked me on behalf of the players. The board of the federation want it too.

“I can’t decide right now yet. A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I need to solve a few things step by step before I make a decision,” he added.

If Hiddink does take the job Ivory Coast might be able to upset the football odds and go on a good run.

Meanwhile, former Belgium manager Eric Gerets claims to have turned down the opportunity to lead Ivory Coast in the World Cup as he did not want to leave his role with Saudi Arabian side Al Hilal.

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Where Can I Watch the Winter Olympics 2010 Online?

The first thing to check out is a schedule of events so you know exactly when your favorite events are taking place. The event’s official website, Vancouver 2010, has the complete schedule of both the Olympic and Paralympic games, and will be continually updated with results as they come in.
Track Down the Games Online

Once you’ve figured out what you want to see, it’s time to track it down online. Many live streams of the events can be accessed right from Vancouver 2010, which routes you into the nationally televised broadcasting stations of dozens of countries. Though we can’t say for sure until the games start, this will probably be a great way to view coverage of specific teams and athletes since each nation will likely favor coverage of its stars. In other words, if you want to track every movement of the German bobsled team, streaming one of Germany’s live broadcasts will probably serve you well.

Be aware that some websites will sniff out your location and block you from viewing if you’re outside that particular country, so you may need to try several streams until you find one that works for you. Alternatively, you could try using a proxy service like xroxy or proxify, but make sure you’re not violating the website’s or your ISP’s terms of service before you do. (Also, proxies significantly slow down your bandwidth, so don’t expect great video.)
Watching the Olympics Online in the U.S.

Stateside viewers who mainly want to keep track of American athletes and teams will want to check out NBC’s official 2010 Winter Olympics video page as well as their local listings advisor. From the listings advisor, enter your zip code and cable, satellite, or antennaed-television provider to call up a list of what channels in your area are televising the event. From there, you can hit up the individual local networks to see if they’re offering live streaming on their web sites. Smaller stations may not be, but you might get lucky in some of the country’s major metropolitan areas.
And Elsewhere…

If you want a little local Canadian flair added to your viewing, watch the Olympics via CTV’s dedicated online channel. Check the interactive Viewer’s Guide to find out which Canadian station will broadcast what event, including popular local channels like TSN and Sportsnet.

Our friends across the pond aren’t left out, either. BBC Sport plans to offer four separate live streams, as well as cranking out some content for its mobile site.
Unofficial Olympics Streaming Sites to Check

A few independent websites plan to offer live video streaming of the Olympics but most are unclear about where they’ll get their feeds. Most say they aggregate their videos “from a variety of sources” so, in the end they might not be the most reliable option. If they’re the only choice you’ve got, though, here are a couple of sites that look like they’re worth checking out:

* Watch Vancouver Olympics
* Watch Olympics Online

If you’re worried online video streams sagging under the weight of too many viewers, one other option you’ve got is to find a friend with a Slingbox and beg access to it during the games. The cool gadget connects to a television and broadcasts programs to computers that are connected to the local network. The catch is, the TV needs to stay on the channel you want to watch, so your friend is out of luck if they want to view another program while you get your fill of downhill skiing.

Hooking the Slingbox up to an unused television and stashing it in another room usually solves that problem, but if your buddy goes to all this trouble for you, a really nice thank-you gift is in order. Alternatively, you could always just build your own Slingbox with Windows Media Center and a $60 TV tuner card.

Golf-A sport form for those with class

To become a perfect player, there is much more than just watching the tournaments. You can enjoy the game by watching Golf live on the television.
You need to constantly practice, focus on the game and learn the aspects of swing.
Some tips which can help you improve your swing are given below: These tips can help you play well as well as develop a better swing.
To play Golf with perfectionism, you muscles need to be strong. So, before starting off, ensure that you warm up. This is because most players warm up their muscles before starting any play. This helps them in making the best use of their muscles. It is good to stretch your muscles early in the morning at the golf course. This way you can be well prepared for the play. You can perform even better by taking a few swings in the driving range.
Staying fit and healthy is important for any play. To make your muscles strong and tune them, exercise is essential. Well toned muscles are required for any play. This can also help you have a good control on your swing. So, you need to exercise and keep your muscles toned. This can also help you get rid of body pains that can occur while playing.
The swing is much more than a simple body movement. It might be good at times to give an extra effort to your swing but you should not swing too hard, unless you are perfect in swing.
All these tips can help you improve your swing to a great extent and gain perfection in the game. Online Golf research is also a good way to stay updated on the game and get easy golf swing tips. Learn the importance of physical fitness from the PGA players and improve your golf swing faults. Get some really good advices from professionals who can teach you a lot from their experiences.
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