Tough Economy Takes The Risk Out of Sports Betting

Bet Your Loot Not Your PAY CHECK is the cry of the latest internet gaming portal CompitaShop.com who only just recently just launched their Loot Betting platform in March. Loot Betting is the low budget, low risk alternative to traditional sports betting (http://www.compitashop.com/sportsbetting/sportsbetting.htm).

Bring life to those unused items that are buried in the garage or stuffed in the very back of the closet. The Loot Betting platform allows users to upload and create an inventory of items from around the house, give them a value and place them on an open bet market or send a bet to a friend. Users can shop through the categorized inventory and challenge the owner to a bet for the item instead of a traditional money purchase.

All CompitaShop.com online gambling (http://www.compitashop.com/index.php/Aboutus) is based on the user'ss ability to predict the statistics of the upcoming Rugby, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Formula 1 or Golf event. Creators of the wager will select the upcoming event from the sports schedule, select which stats they want to try and predict and submit the wager. Each contestant in the wager will submit their predictions and will be graded at the end of the event. The contestant that was closest to the actual event stats wins.

Loot Betting above all was designed to be fun and affordable. We wanted to create a place to bet without creating the risk that is traditionally associated with a sportsbook (http://www.compitashop.com/sportsbetting/sportsbook.htm), we all have a little junk in the closet and in today'ss fragile economy using this alternate form of currency will not take away from peoples tightening budgets says CompitaShop.com CEO Jason Allred.

CompitaShop.com is not all about the bet (http://www.compitashop.com/sportsbetting/lootbetting.htm). Every inventory item a user uploads is also for sale. Following in the footsteps of the ecommerce giant eBay, CompitaShop.com empowers the users allowing them to create their own Compita Store. This unique combination is sure to make for interesting business practices. CompitaShop.com encourages their betting users not to only bet for items they want but also for items they can turn around and sell for big profits. Quite simply this is where users can turn their Loot Bets into cash.

CompitaShop.com has definitely gone out on a limb with this one, but hitting an economical niche in the time of an economical crisis I am willing to bet's8230; Loot this one will be around when the dust settles. To view more about what you read here visit http://www.compitashop.com. Loot Betting is a trademark of Trader Corp SRL.

About CompitaShop.com:

Compitashop.com is owned and operated by Trader Corp SRL based and operated in the jurisdiction of Costa Rica