Dell shoots across the iMac's bow with XPS One

Dell has moved into the all-in-one PC market pioneered by Apple with the iMac, with Monday’s introduction of the XPS One, a new Intel-based Windows-compatible PC. The system starts at $1,499.

Dell hinted at the new system last week, dropping a preview trailer on its Web site; Michael Dell also alluded to the new system’s pending release during a presentation. But the company formally introduced the new system on its Web site Monday, where it’s available for immediate ordering.

The XPS One comes in four different models, each optimized for different tasks. There’s the Essential One, a general-purpose PC; The Music One; The Performance One, a system with a faster processor and a discrete graphics chip; and The Entertainment One, which builds on the Performance One’s features with a Blu-ray Disc capable of burning BD discs too (an amenity not yet found on any Macs shipping from the factory). Prices for the four systems start at $1,499, $1,748, $1,999 and $2,399 respectively.

source: macworld.com