Largest 3D-Street Painting in the World

"Turning Riverstreet into a river" is the largest 3d-street-painting ever done. About 280 m² are covered with paint. Edgar Müller (world-famous street painter) was again invited to Moose Jaw Prairie Arts Festival (2007) to paint together with local artists.

Adidas TS Pro Model pendants.
For the 2008 All Star Games Gabriel Urist and Adidas designed a pair of TS Pro Models, but thats not where it stops. Same parties came together for three different TS Pro Model pendants.
The chains are available in three metals:Vermeil, Rhodium, and Sterling Silver. If you want to buy this model in Romania you should do it online on Imbracaminte and if you want to read more detailed information we recommend Adidasi Puma .

Nokia Aeon
Nokia recently gave a glimpse of Nokia Aeon Concept Phone in the R&D section of the company’s website.The Aeon will feature a full touchscreen surface that does away with the standard keypad, giving you an extremely sleek and sexy look that is guaranteed to turn heads each time you answer a call. The Nokia Aeon has a similar design to the Synaptics Onyx. More about this concept on Telefoane Mobile. We hope to see this phone by the end of this year but who knows.. If you are in Romania and you want to buy cheap mobile phones we do recommend Telefoane Samsung and Telefoane Online .