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XanGo Mangosteen Xanthones Juice

Mangosteen - Scientific research into the health benefits of xanthones from has been conducted since the 1970s and, although there is still much more work to be done, the results thus far are very promising. Mangosteen is a complex research subject because it contains over 40 xanthones. Choices, therefore, need to be made regarding which particular xanthone should be the focus of any given study. Two of the most studied xanthones are alpha-mangostin and gamma-mangostin.

Both of these compounds have been shown to be very effective anti-inflammatory agents. Several studies led by Nakatani, published in Biochemical Pharmacology in 2002 and Molecular Pharmacology in 2004, confirmed that gamma-mangostin is a potent COX-2 inhibitor. This means that it is a factor in reducing inflammation and its associated pain. The authors conclude that gamma-mangostin “is a new useful lead compound for anti-inflammatory drug development.”

Several Xanthones have been studied for their efficacy in treating cancer. A paper published in the Journal of Natural Products in 2003 showed that a variety of xanthones from mangosteen were all able to inhibit the growth of human leukemia cells. The same authors in a follow up study (Bioorg Med Chem. 2004 Nov 15;12(22):5799-806) concluded that alpha-mangostin would be a candidate for preventive and therapeutic application for cancer treatment. A study by Moongkarndi and others (J Ethnopharmacol 2004; 90(1):161-166) on the effect of mangosteen pericarp extract on human breast cancer cells found that it had “potential for cancer chemoprevention.”

The antioxidative ability of the xanthone mangostin was shown by Williams and others (Free Radic Res 1995; 23(2):175-184) to lower “bad” cholesterol levels. This helps prevent the buildup of plaque within blood vessels and lowers the risk of heart disease.

Several research studies have verified the traditional use of mangosteen as an antibacterial agent. For example, a study by Iinuma and others, published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology in 1996, showed that alpha-mangostin exhibited strong antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus. The authors concluded that “the compounds might find wide pharmaceutical use.” Another study involving alpha-mangostin showed that it was effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Gamma-mangostin has also been shown to be effective against some viruses. One study (Planta Med 1996; 62(4):381-382) showed that it was able to cause the HIV-1 virus to remain immature and incapable of infection.

It should be noted that all the above research results were obtained in laboratory studies. To be more meaningful, follow up clinical trials using human subjects need to be carried out. However, the results to date indicate that xanthones from mangosteen may have a major role to play in the treatment of a wide range of health problems. If you are looking to the best mangosteen juice, we recommend XanGo, the original mangosteen juice.

The World`s 11 Incredible Living Places

Online Games

Online games come in many shapes and sizes. Most of these games are developed using Macromedia Flash. Because of the spread of this tool and the ease of use it has, new flash and online games are developed by the hundreds daily. The best thing about these games though, is that while it may have taken the developer a very long time to make the graphics and the motions your characters and others in the game will do, they don’t charge a single penny. That’s right! Instead of spending 60 dollars on the newest games for your Xbox or Playstation, you can get online and play thousands of free online games… Free! Many of these games are broken down into different categories.

Are you into action games? These are one of the more populated categories for free online games. You could go out and buy that game so you can play it alone, or just share the experience with free online games. Want to shoot some Zombies and own a giant boss at the end of the level? Well then these online games are for you. With the click of a button and some pushes of the directional buttons you will be well into your way on doing just that.

Are you a more adventurous type of person? Want to search a cave or hold hands with Mario? Look in the free online games section of adventure games. These will fulfill their purposes of taking you underground with nothing but a flashlight hunting out baddies. People even recreate whole Mario games, exact to the last detail and publish them as free online games. So instead of going out to buy the 50th+ version of Mario Party, get it here and get it free as an online game.

Who is a fan of Warcraft 1, 2, and 3. Who is absolutely addicted to Warcraft Tower Defense. You no longer have to spend 50 dollars and up to buy these games and their successors. With free online strategy and simulation online games you can do it from the comfort of your internet connection without the big price tags. Build up your castles defenses and destroy the enemy before they even have a chance to see the white of your eyes. Addicted to the Sims? With these free online games you can build a house and toy with someone else’s life for free. Be it for good or evil purposes, you will find your purpose with strategy and simulation games.

If you are one that is addicted with the need… The Need for Speed, free online games provides you with a blaring answer. Put your car up for pink slips and trade paint as your race down a quarter mile stretch of track racing for that first position in Drag Racer v3. Want to pimp your ride? You most certainly can with paint jobs, stereos, and you can even make your car hop. Tired of the police always pulling you over for speeding. Do it without that risk with online games. If you want to total a police car, feel free to ram him!

The amount of categories for free online games is countless. Be sure you check them all out to see which online games you love the most!

Haarausfall und Entgiftung

Haarausfall und Entgiftung

Haarausfall trifft Männer und Frauen - allerdings meist in unterschiedlichem

Lebensalter. Der Haarausfall bei Männern wird durch immer größere Geheimratsecken, sowie oft einer runden Tonsur auf dem
Kopf gekennzeichnet. Bei Frauen verläuft der Haarausfall dagegen eher diffus. Eine besonders dramatische Form von Haarausfall ist die Alopecia areata (auch als kreisunder Haarausfall bezeichnet), bei der die Erkrankung den totalen Verlust der Haare auf dem Kopf oder in schlimmen Fällen auch Gesicht (Augenbrauen) und Körper bedeuten kann.
Zum Glück sind diese Fälle nicht sehr häufig, bei den meisten Betroffenen handelt es sich um "normalen" anlagebedingten Haarausfall.
Es gibt mehrere verfügbare Behandlungsmöglichkeiten gegen den
Haarausfall, zwei gängige Medikamente sind Minoxidil (Rogaine / Regaine) und Finasterid (Propecia / Proscar). Allerdings ist ihre Wirkstärke sehr
verschieden. Viele andere Produkte werden gegen Haarausfall ausgepriesen, leider halten nicht alle Wundermittel was sie großspurig verkünden.

Bei Männern ist auch eine Haartransplantation denkbar. Dabei werden

Haarbündel von der Rückenseite der Kopfhaut auf die kahlen Stellen an der
Vorderseite verpflanzt. Der Vorteil der Haartransplantation liegt in der
schnellen und dauerhaften Durchführung, dafür kostet eine Haartransplantation
eine größere Summe. Es gibt unterschiedliche Techniken um eine
Haartransplantation durchzuführen, vereinfacht "Strip" und "FUE". Bei einer
Haartransplantation nach der Strip-Methode wird ein Streifen mit Haaren am
Hinterkopf entnommen, während bei der FUE einzelne Haarbündel
einzeln herausoperiert werden. Es ist ratsam, sich vorher tiefgreifend zu
erkundigen, bei welchem Arzt die Haartransplantation durchgeführt werden
soll, da es erhbeliche Unterschiede bei Qualität und Kosten gibt.

Bei Frauen spielt gerade das weibliche Hormon Östrogen bei Haarausfall eine
wichtige Rolle. Die zwei Hauptursachen für Östrogendominanz sind:
Verschmutzung der Umwelt (wie Autoabgase oder Reste von Hormontabletzten im Wasser)
Gifte in der Nahrung (Färbemittel, Aromen usw.)

Leber ist mit Östrogen überlastet und wird nicht in der Lage sein, um mit dem
Übermaß daran in der Umgebung umzugehen. Um wirksam Ihre Östrogenniveaus zu
senken und Ihren Haarausfall zu stoppen, müssen Sie die Leber stabilisieren.Die Fähigkeit der Leber das gesamte Östrogen wirksam abzubauen, bevor es in Östrogen und DHT umgewandelt wird muss verbessert werden. Dieses zu tun, ist möglich, in dem man besondere
Produkte zur Entgiftung der Leber benutzt. Auch hier ist es ratsam, einen erfahrenen Therapeuten zu konsultieren.

Made In China Talk

MadeInChinaTalk (MICT) is a leading B2B portal for small, medium and large companies.

No matter sourcing, importing, exporting and daily life, "Made In China" is a word you may hear everyday. MICT aims to provide a successful business platform for international business people, both importers and exporters whose main target market is China.
MadeInChinaTalk.com provides a new platform for you to talk about products that made in China, to talk about your experiences of international business with China and China business knowledge, etc… and to use its forum, which powered by marketing and SEO services, to find international buyers and sellers. Most importantly, let more people know your company, and let potential customers find you easily in today's B2B world.

At MadeInChinaTalk,

1. Registration is free.

2. All adverts related with international business in advertising
forums are free.

3. A lot of other useful free features.

MadeinChinaTalk Directory

Directory.MadeInChinaTalk.com is an online international business directory that provides online international business information Worldwide. All companies are welcomed to register on its directory to submit their products, services, demands, and introductions.
The directory principal aim is to facilitate global trade between worldwide buyers and seller, and China suppliers; to provided quality and dependable information of China products and suppliers; and help buyers and suppliers to conduct businesses effectively and
For its portal of Chinese version, you may visit MadeInChina Forum to link your business to the world.

Feel Safer By Knowing What Makes Airplanes Fly

Ever since the Wright brothers revolutionized travel by inventing the airplane, the world has become a global village. Imagine following Columbus's sea route from Spain to America. Think of the time you would have lost. Today, whether it's an official meeting or a friend's wedding that you need to attend at short notice in another part of the country or a different country altogether, you wouldn't think of anything, but an airplane. It is a fascinating object and entirely safe if manufactured and maintained properly. So, let's check out what makes airplanes fly!

Airplanes are built in different shapes and sizes, and their task is to carry passengers and cargo from one destination to another. To fly, the airplane needs to carry its own weight and that of passengers, cargo, and fuel. It is heavier than air and like all vehicles is powered by an engine. The fuselage is the body of the plane and holds the different parts together. It is hollow to reduce the weight of the plane. Its front end houses the cockpit or the pilot's compartment, while its rear end contains passengers and cargo.

To move through air, an airplane uses a jet engine or a propeller. The jet engine is located underneath the wings, while the propeller is located on the front of the vehicle in the form of rotating blades. The former provides the necessary thrust to push the airplane through the air, while the latter is turned on by an engine and pulls the vehicle through the air. Wings help to lift the airplane, and they support the weight of the plane and its contents while airborne. Smaller wings at the tail of the aircraft help in controlling and maneuvering the vehicle. Stabilizers provide balance and prevent the airplane from swinging. Both horizontal and vertical stabilizers are located at the rear and are movable sections. The horizontal stabilizer checks up and down movement of the nose, while the vertical stabilizer prevents the nose from swinging from side to side. The hinged section of the vertical stabilizer is known as the rudder and it controls lateral movement of the tail. Similarly, the horizontal stabilizer has a hinged part that is known as elevator. This controls up and down motion of the tail.

Although flying is a quick and convenient form of travel, many people are terrified and shy away from it. The best way to get rid of flight phobia is to do some reading on airplanes and their parts, as well as talk to frequent air travelers. The first time you travel by air and reach your destination in a jiffy, you'll be among the millions who have mentally thanked the Wright brothers!

Welcome to the world of aviation. If you want more info on the parts of an aircraft, you should visit this pages about: Aircraft Parts, Aircraft Part Procurement, and Bearings

Information on Obesity and Treatments

Every year, 9000 premature deaths result due to obesity in England. It reduces life expectancy by nine years. Obese or overweight people not only suffer due to their weight problem but also have to face social and psychological problems. Some of the problems that obese people often face are depression, inequality, prejudice, stigmatization, and low self-esteem. After smoking, obesity is the major preventable cause of death in adults. The worst part is that adult obesity is now culminating into childhood obesity.

Tackling obesity

Government is doing its job but some responsibility lies on your shoulders too to tackle obesity. It is not an easy task to tackle obesity and you might encounter more problems than you imagine.

Some of the problems that you may have to overcome while tackling obesity are as follows:

- Self-control and determination

If it was easy to control one’s diet and watch what you eat, obesity would never have been such a global phenomenon in the first place. Most people lack determination and conviction when they take measures to tackle obesity.

- Eating behaviour

Our society over-indulges in food during festivals, holidays, and joyful events. It is common to see people eat more than they need just because the food is tasty. This habit is often carried on in later years and people have an unhealthy eating behaviour.

- Plenty of choices of unhealthy food

The fast-paced and frenzied lifestyles of people today force them to eat unhealthy, junk food. The choices available are also unhealthy including fries, chips, wafers, and other such oily snacks. Children also tend to like unhealthy food more than healthy nutritious food.

- Inactive lifestyles

People have automobiles to travel, machines to clean houses, equipment to make food, television for entertainment. All these machines leave little scope for people to engage in strenuous exercise.

Obesity Treatments

With the rise in incidence of obesity, there is a rise in the treatments for obesity too. There are some prescription medications also available, which are approved by health authorities for the treatment of obesity. Some prescription drugs available for impotence are Acomplia, Reductil, and Xenical. Seek medical consultation and ask a doctor which of these drugs will prove to be safe and effective for you.

Remember, it is hard to tackle obesity but it is not entirely impossible, so take necessary steps for it as early as possible.

Is Reductil a safe weight loss pill?

Reductil is an oral prescription pill that contains sibutramine as the main ingredient. It acts as an obesity treatment drug and is better known as an appetite suppressant. Reductil has become highly popular among weight loss aspirants. People should buy Reductil Sibutramine after consultation with a doctor to avoid any harmful reactions. Doctors usually suggest people to buy Reductil after examining their past medical history.

How it works?

Reductil helps to enhance the feeling of fullness and people who buy Reductil end up eating less food. This drug affects the nerve cells in the brain that release chemicals named serotonin and noradrenaline. After blocking the nerve cells, Reductil increases the level of these chemicals that sends signals of satiety in the brain. Even if people land up in food haven, they won’t have craving for it and weight loss will be the result.


Reductil is available in the compositions of 10mg and 20mg. A doctor can recommend the right dose to people who buy Reductil after examining their past medical history. This weight loss pill may not suit all and people should not hesitate to take advice of a doctor before they buy Reductil as obesity treatment drug.

Side effects

The common side effects of this weight loss pill or commonly know as slimming pill include headache, high blood pressure, increase in heart rate, and sweating. It may also be possible that this obesity treatment drug may cause light-headedness or dizziness in people and they find difficulty in driving and operating machinery. It is better for people not to drive immediately after taking this weight loss treatment drug.

Is Reductil a safe weight loss pill?

Reductil has found acceptance as a safe obesity treatment and weight loss drug. Its popularity among people is on the rise as many clinical trials show positive results in favour of this drug. There are also less side effects of Reductil in comparison to other obesity treatment options.

This obesity treatment choice may not suit everyone. This drug is not for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Some people experience high blood pressure after taking Reductil. It is better to take advice of a doctor when blood pressure rises above 145/90mmHg before continuing medication. When people are taking other medications, a proper medical consultation is necessary before starting obesity treatment.

Long Term Care Insurance

Over the last several years, Long Term Care Insurance has improved its benefits and features. The long term care insurance of yesteryear was really a plain vanilla insurance product. As nursing home costs accelerated at a blazing pace, long term care insurance had to adapt.

As the long term care insurance industry made its changes, so has Term Insurance. One ubiquitous rider that has become popular with both long term care insurance and term insurance is the return of premium, or ROP rider. This simple rider allows for the return of premium if the insurance is not utilized. This can be rather reassuring for those individuals whom feel like their premium dollars are wasted if they don't end up needing the insurance.

Many long term care policy owners feel they'll never need their insurance, but are smart enough to prepare for the worst. Fore these individuals, they get the best of both worlds; protection and return of investment should they not need the coverage. This answers the largest complaint with the individual long term care insurance buyers.

On the other side of the fence, term insurance offers a similar product that will return premiums if the client doesn't decease. This is popular because term insurance is really just temporary insurance, unlike whole life insurance. So, this feature provides the affordability of term insurance, with safety net.

These great benefits do come at a cost, however. Nothing in life is free, and this is no exception. You'll pay substantially more for these types of riders. In the case of term insurance it can often be at about 50% more premium. So, before purchasing it's important to weigh these benefits to see if they're worth paying for. For some, it's worth it, for others they may just want a bare bones term insurance or long term insurance policy.

You can find many more insurance issues covered at The Money Alert website. One of their latest Renters Insurance articles is quite helpful for those seeking renters insurance. Feel free to visit the website to learn more about renters insurance and all things financial.

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Best Low Cost car Insurance

Getting good car insurance can be difficult to find. Its just a fact of life that wherever you go, you will need to get car insurance for that state or new city you move too. So how can you make sure you get the best deal, and a low cost car insurance that will still give you all you need. There seems to be lots of companies promising this, so who is deserving of your attention? Well generally Geico and Allstate are pretty good bets. You may need to scour the internet to find deals on cheap classic car insurance though. It seems that young drivers are in need of finding lower costing car insurance as well. If you are looking for Car Insurance For Young Drivers the internet would also be the best. Generally younger drivers have less money and less experisnce so thats why it is good to shop around rather than just settle. The bottom line is no matter where you get insurance, its best to look hard and not just take any company that comes along.

Best Gimp tutorials

Tutorialhero.com is a web site that exhaustively describes the various computer related issues and provides free tutorials to its various visitors. The web site comprehensively covers various topics including java, dream weaver and flash. The site also details various operating systems that are commonly in use (windows and Linux amongst others). The web site has gained popularity at a rapid pace owing to its interactive nature. The site proves to be an attractive medium between the readers and the tutorial providers. The tutorials can also be submitted easily by any individual who is willing to do so.

The web site also provides extensive study material on the GNU image manipulation program also commonly known as Gimp. The Gimp tutorials comprise of various sections of the image manipulation program. Various aspects including basics of Gimp, Animation and 3d effects, photo effects, and web site layouts are discussed in great details. Some of the tutorials that are highly popular with the numerous visitors are the tutorials that deal with the creation of light saber effects, glass lettering which is transparent, wallpapers with flames, and various muted effects for various pictures. These tutorials also interactively discuss various web graphics along with the tiles and varying textures that are employed in the image manipulation program.

The web site also offers great learning opportunities for those visitors of the web site who wish to learn Flash. The Flash tutorials that are available detail the various tasks that any individual can perfect. The sub sections of the category comprise of specialized topics that deal with the software. Some of the topics that have been covered are flash games; flash web designing, dealing with the various types of data and flash optimization. The web site significantly enhances the knowledge level of its readers and thus is vastly popular.

Free Documentaries

We are all interested in watching full length documentaries on the internet especially when they are free. Here is good news for you Free Documentaries now offers full length professional documentaries free of charge. From BBC Horizon Documentaries to religious and god debate documentaries they have it all. This means you don’t have to waste anymore of your time in all the video sharing and torrent sites looking for free documentaries just go to freedocumentaries.net where they have it all. The documentaries are carefully handpicked so you won’t find any junk movies most of the stuff are professional stuff from BBC or documentary channel. Another neat feature Free Documentaries has is they allow users to submit their favourite documentary to the site.

Fashion sales

Mensredtag.com is one of the major source of Big & Tall Men’s clothing online. They carry an extensive selection of designer clothes. Besides they also provide a wide selection of choices. The shirt selection includes Big Men’s Polo Shirts, Big Men’s Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Shirts. In addition they do also carry Big & Tall Men’s Sweatshirts & Sweatpants, Big & Tall Men’s Shorts, Big Men’s Jackets & Coats, Big Men’s Fleeces and Big Men’s Pants. They are also specializing in selling Big Men’s Accessories which include backpacks, coolers, blankets, belts, etc. The sizes range up to 8XL, 6XLT&R for shirts and up to 72 for pants.

Wholesale Replica Leather Handbags is offering a wide variety of the latest and trendy handbags at attractive wholesale prices, specializing in wholesale western, rhinestones buckle handbags, cross buckle handbags , camouflage handbags and much more. They are dedicated to maintain a good supply of all our products to meet the latest demands of current fashion trend waves, keeping the price and variety as our bonus to our customers.

Have you thought of becoming a western or a cowboy? If you do, welcome to westernexpressinc ! Western Express Inc. has been a wholesale for western toys, clothes, hats and other accessories for more than 30 years and is well known in the industry. They used to use Ground shipping as their common shipping method within the United States. Moreover they will also gladly help you to make good choices by phone, e-mail or a fax.

Buying Houses – Sound Investment Or The Road To Ruin?

Each type of house buyer has a different set of criteria that will affect just how quickly they sell an existing property and purchase their next one. Whether they are a first-time buyer, property developer, buy-to-let investor or a couple downsizing.

First-time house buyers and those house-sharing will often over-stretch themselves in their desperation just to get on the property ladder. Lenders have in the last few years been encouraging this by offering larger mortgages than borrowers can realistically afford to repay. The awful truth of just how much it costs to run a home can come to light several years after they have bought their first home. The temptation to buy everything new and to want everything “just right” will eventually dawn once the credit card bills have reached their limit. Young people have a greater “live for today” attitude and the thought of putting money aside to cover contingencies just doesn’t occur to them. So, when the boiler breaks, they lose their job or have an accident there is nothing in reserve. Admittedly they are likely to earn the least and have less spare cash to put aside but it reflects their general air of invincibility. These are also likely to be the house buyers who do not have contents insurance and only the most basic buildings insurance cover to satisfy their mortgage lender. When reality does finally hit home what are the options? Seek help from the parental piggy bank, sell on the open market or sell and rent back from a company specialising in buying property fast. Potential first-time buyers should think long and hard about whether having the responsibility of looking after a property is something that is right for them at this point in time.

Buy-to-let investors fall mainly into 2 camps - those who are serious about running it as a business and those who dabble at it to try to shore up their dwindling pension plans. Those who don’t fully understand the buy-to-let market can come seriously unstuck; often having invested heavily from financial reserves or even re-mortgaged their family home to start up. Problems can arise if the market takes a sudden dive, if they need to access cash quickly or if tenants don’t prove to be as reliable as they had envisaged. There are companies who will buy your investment property even if it currently has problem tenants.

In a similar predicament are inexperienced property developers who can make the mistake of under-estimating the amount of work and cost involved in a project, especially if they have bought at auction and failed to have a survey (yes it does happen). It is all too easy for unforeseen problems to arise that will seriously affect the profitability of a renovation, particularly if you have to buy in skills. The best solution in this situation is to try to find an experienced developer or property buyer who can take that money pit off your hands and allow you to start afresh with another project.

Expanding families and those down-sizing are at the mercy of very fragile property chains. There are ways of ensuring that you don’t lose that perfect house just because your property won’t sell or your buyer has pulled out. The stress involved in a protracted house sale can aggravate many health issues so if your property just isn’t shifting you could try selling it to a company that buys properties for cash. That way you can complete in around 4 weeks and exchange on a date of your choosing.

Emigrating or relocating to another area is a logistical nightmare as there are 1001 things that need to be done. By selling your property for cash you can ensure that you have at least one less problem to worry about. Some companies will even allow you to remain as a tenant until the day you emigrate/relocate. No upheaval whilst moving into rented accommodation and trying to ensure everyone knows your temporary contact details or worrying about not receiving important letters. A very simple solution to an otherwise stressful problem.

If you want to find out how much you could get for your property just complete our quick quote and we will get back to you. Need to speak to a real person? Just call FREE on 0800 804 7456 to see how we can help solve your property problem.

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UK Medical School Information

Medical School Blues is the insider's guide to getting into and surviving medical school in the UK. This detailed and informative blog begins with several lengthy posts about how the application process works, what the medical schools are looking for in an applicant as well as in-depth analysis of other practical considerations about pursuing a medical career.

Medical School Blues truly is a compelling read as it charters the highs and lows of this very demanding university course. Will the author complete his journey along the rocky road to a medical career? Only time will tell, but Medical School Blues will be there every step of the way. Essential reading for anyone contemplating going to medical school in the UK.

Bloggers Learn to Earn

Most bloggers are interested in ways of making money from their writing efforts. There’s absolutely no reason why your hobby should cost you financially - the internet should be free for everyone to enjoy. Find out how your webmaster skills can actually pay you by visiting AdSense4Dummies. You’ll probably not make a fortune, but you can easily make enough money to cover your time, effort and hosting expenses. Usually all that’s involved is displaying a few ads, waiting for some visitors and watching your earnings steadily increase. AdSense4Dummies tells you which schemes make the best cash with the least effort. Some particularly promising services we’ve recently reviewed are AdBrite, WidgetBucks, Text Link Ads and ExoClick – check out our archive to find these reviews and much more. WidgetBucks pay about 30 cents per click and are currently paying a $25 bonus to everyone who signs up at the moment - be sure to check our WidgetBucks review for further details about this great source of income. AdBrite inline ads are proving particularly profitable and can be used alongside AdSense - learn more by checking our article. All of these programs have the advantage of a modest payout level, so you’ll not be left waiting ages for your earnings. If you’re new to webmastering and unsure of how to promote your site and achieve PageRank then our popular articles on Site Optimisation and The Quest for Golden Google PageRank will guide you through the process. Why not learn how to make money from your web skills by paying us a visit?

Privatize your Facebook Profile

Privatize your Facebook Profile

Facebook is a rapid growing social
networking site where you get to create your own profile and connect
yourself to your friends and acquaintances. It?s like a cyber gathering
with your friends where you could easily update one another with new
events and places you?ve been to through photo and profile viewing.

Facebook.com and other social networking sites are great tools and is a miracle to many especially to friends who have no other way of communicating with one another or friends who have already lost touch and found each other again through these sites. These social networking sites are built for this purpose but because of people’s inclination to be more popular, they add friends that they really don’t know personally and this may pose a problem. You can’t be certain who these people are and you never know if you have accepted a friend invite from a stalker or a criminal.

It’s safe practice to add only the people you really know and to keep your profile private. By privatizing your profile, you are ensured that only your friends can view your personal information and personal photos and audio recordings. By doing so, you keep yourself safe and comfortably private.

More controvesial facebook articles you can find on www.e-controversy.com