Privatize your Facebook Profile

Privatize your Facebook Profile

Facebook is a rapid growing social
networking site where you get to create your own profile and connect
yourself to your friends and acquaintances. It?s like a cyber gathering
with your friends where you could easily update one another with new
events and places you?ve been to through photo and profile viewing.

Facebook.com and other social networking sites are great tools and is a miracle to many especially to friends who have no other way of communicating with one another or friends who have already lost touch and found each other again through these sites. These social networking sites are built for this purpose but because of people’s inclination to be more popular, they add friends that they really don’t know personally and this may pose a problem. You can’t be certain who these people are and you never know if you have accepted a friend invite from a stalker or a criminal.

It’s safe practice to add only the people you really know and to keep your profile private. By privatizing your profile, you are ensured that only your friends can view your personal information and personal photos and audio recordings. By doing so, you keep yourself safe and comfortably private.

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