Toyota Builds Violin-Playing Robot, Taking Jobs Away From Violin-Playing Humans

With seventeen articulation points in each arm and an uncanny ability to play Pomp and Circumstance, technology has finally produced a robot to replace the Asian child.

Toyota hopes to use these guys to help people by the next decade.


“We began to use industrial robots in our factories in the 1980s that have been perfected over time to be capable of working on several car models or carrying out different tasks,” said Toyota Motor Corp. chief executive Katsuaki Watanabe.

“Now we want to accelerate the development of robots that make a contribution to society, drawing on our knowledge and innovation in the field of automobiles,” he told a press conference.

The new robots come three years after Toyota unveiled a trumpet-playing robot — its first humanoid machine — in a bid to catch up with robot technology frontrunners such as Honda Motor Co. and Sony Corp.

Makers of robots see big potential for their use in Japan, where the number of elderly people is rapidly growing, causing labour shortages in a country that strictly controls immigration.

Source: AFP.