RIAA Sends Out Fake News Clip To TV Stations


The RIAA wants you to know that everyone loses with pirated products, so they've put together a fake news story and sent it out to TV stations around the country—maybe it will show up on your cash-strapped local news over the next few days, if you're lucky. We're torn, though, on posting this because it's being leaked (promoted?) heavily by the video news release (VNR) company that produced it—we want you to scoff at it with us, but keep your bullshit "stealth marketing" sensors up.

Our favorite line is one of their warning signs that you might be buying a pirated product: "Compilation CDs that could only exist in the dreams of a music fan." In other words, "A product you would actually want, that is equal in value to what we're charging you for it."

"RIAA Fake News!" [LiveLeak]